6 must-have nail treatments

Nails require regular care with professional manicure set. Because of their growth, but not only. To have beautiful, healthy and shiny nails, with regular growth, different treatments can be given to them. Our selection of the best nail treatments.

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Thorough nail cleaning

It is important to keep your nails perfectly clean. It is both a question of hygiene and beauty. Hands are so trouble daily that lots of dirt can get on and under the nails:dust, soil, microbes… In addition to using a nail brush, it is useful to clean them well by regularly bathing them in baking soda and lemon.

A whitening treatment for her nails

Under the effect of the different products that we handle on a daily basis, it can happen to have yellow nails. Rubbing pure lemon on the surface of the nails is enough to get rid of it. The acidity of lemon act on spots and allows to find white,clear nails.

Moisturize your nails: the homemade recipe

Under the impact of the blows on a daily basis, the nails can be weakened and become dry and brittle. It is advisable to moisturize your nails regularly to prevent these inconveniences. Surface of the nails and hydrates them deeply, allowing them to regenerate and become more resistant.

Stronger nails with olive oil

Soft nails need to be strengthened, because they are extremely fragile. A gentle care based on olive oil will strengthen the nails, bring them vigor and strength. To act effectively, Olive oil must be heated and then applied warm,with a drill of lemon juice.

A gentle scrub for smooth nails

The surface of the nail is made up of keratin. Like the hair, there are scales, which sometimes make the nail rough. To find soft and pleasant to the touch nails, it is possible to smooth them. Combining a few spoonings of honey with powdered sugar makes a great homemade nail scrub.

Prevent or cure nail fungus

Nail fungus can be extremely contagious in addition to being unsightly and embarrassing to say the least. It is therefore important to treat it as soon as possible with the help of an appropriate treatment.

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