5 mistakes not to make with your nails

Our nails are truly miniature works of art. And like any work of art, it’s important to use the professional manicure sets to take care of it. Having well-groomed and healthy nails is a major beauty asset, isn’t it? Here are 5 things to avoid to be glamorous to the end of your nails!

  • Forgetting to apply a base

Not applying base before applying nail polish is the main way to weaken them. It is therefore very strongly recommended to apply a transparent base, so that the varnish do not have any harmful effects on your nails. If you skipping this step, your nails risk yellowing in the long term.

  • Using a nail polish remover containing acetone

Always pay attention to the composition of your nail polish remover and avoid using one that contains acetone. It is a component that is much too aggressive. In addition to irritating your skin, acetone weakens your nails.

  • Cut your cuticles

Cutting your cuticles represents a certain risk: without cuticles, the contours of the nails no longer have any protection. We therefore avoid cutting them, we prefer to push them back with a wooden stick!

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  • Push back dry cuticles

For the well-being of your hands, be sure to soften them well before proceeding with this step. For this, you can perform a hand bath beforehand. Once “soft”, the cuticles can be pushed back more easily and painlessly.

  • Forgetting to disinfect your manicure equipment

Hygiene is essential: the outline and underside of our nails are breeding grounds for bacteria. It is therefore very important to disinfect all your beauty products. This step will prevent potential infection by microorganisms. Our Maryton nail supply store online offering a large number of disposable manicure products. Believe me, you mustn’t miss it!

Hoping to have been helpful! I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!

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