5 beauty tips to stop nail biting

You dream of having perfect hands and nails that are always impeccable… But, it’s stronger than you, you can’t help biting your nails. To end this bad habit, there are magic tricks. Follow us!

Tip 1: apply a layer of the bitter varnish

Stress, lack of sleep and fatigue can accentuate this tendency to want to tear off the smallest nail tip that protrudes. To remedy this manual problem, there is a well-known trick: use bitter varnish. Its composition giving off a very unpleasant taste, we are much less tempted to tear off the cuticles and the nail can grow back.

Tip 2: apply aloe vera

If bitter polish isn’t for you, aloe vera is frequently used to stave off the urge to bite your nails. Available in drugstores in the form of a gel, it does not have a taste particularly appreciated by our taste buds. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can also take a stem, cut it into small pieces, and rub it on your fingers.

Tip 3: put on false nails

To find beautiful hands, you can opt for false nails. Thus, the natural nails will have time to grow back, and you will be less tempted to damage your fingers. There are two techniques: gel-based false nails and resin-based ones.

Tip 4: divert your attention

Biting your nails often results from a need to channel your anxiety, or your mind. To avoid hurting yourself and damaging your nails, you can start by chewing plants.  And if you are very tense and anxious, acquire stress balls. Much more than a toy, this ball keeps your fingers busy while building your hand.

Tip 5: keep nails short but groomed

Doing a manicure regularly helps maintain your nails. To avoid being tempted, cut your nails quite short. You can also apply colored varnish. And as soon as they are too long, we pass a file or scissors.

In addition to these mentioned above, you will need to take regular care for your nails using professional manicure set. If you don’t have any manicure supplies, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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